Sunday, April 29, 2012


For those who went, I'm sure you share the same sentiments as I do and think that it was quite interesting and a fun experience for us to undergo.  Having presented, I have to say that I feel more comfortable in my own shoes in front of people who are much more critical than students may potentially be, and as such I value the opportunity that I had.  Aside from a tangent on Brony culture provided by a particular individual, I would say that all of the students who presented from our class did an excellent job and put their foot in the door in this small community of teachers that were gathered.

The spread of age range was slightly surprising to me, as there were people on both ends of the spectrum present.  There were people who were undoubtedly close to their retiring years and there were students like myself who have only completed observation of a classroom and have barely had experience writing lesson plans outside of daycamps or specialty kid programs.  This helped to show that there is never an age in which you should stop attempting to reach your students or to become better at your field.

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